Kuneo Koei

Rückkehr, 戻って!

Kuneo Koei is a general products and services company with a strong-suit in the fields of entertainment-media creation and dissemination.


Formerly, Kuneo Koei's a team of entertainment enterprisers, dedicated to creating and releasing High-Quality Audio productions via their advanced understandings of Sound recording, distribution, and licensing.

^ Their abilities in those markets remain unchanged...


Backtracking from being hyper-focused on Music (and their stints in Fiction publishing ventures), Kuneo Koei's lurking and searching into their next feats in both business and reinvention.

Kuneo Koei, as skillful as they aspire to be, recognizes that the next waves of change and development are not only coming fast, but, are not at all the way people perceive them to be.

As things in this world continue to merge and emerge as they have, whether speaking in terms of Human prowess or technological advances, unlike many times before, there's literally no telling as to what may come per Kuneo Koei or otherwise.

^ Who knows? "Contact-Us"??