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• General-Business (Inquiries):

Just let us know how we can be of assistance. If we can't, we'll say, "Oh well, Joey Balogna!"

• Music-Licensing (Questions/Answers):

Because of our previous knowledge in these fields, we get calls from random Artists and Producers from time to time, and that's totally fine but, keep your inquiry brief and follow these guidelines...

If you aspire to get your sound-recordings into Film, Television, Video-Games, App-software, mobile-Design, or Business Advertising/Marketing but aren't sure where to look or how to go about it, just give us a brief description of your project and explain what phase/stage you're at (i.e. career, catalogue). Please leave your telephone-number in your message as well.

• Advertising/Endorsement (Marketing-Relationships):

Advertising is the activity (or profession) of producing information-media (i.e. advertisements) for commercial products and services.
Maybe we can help accelerate your brand (or company) to our audience?

Endorsement is the act of giving one's public-approval (or support) to 'someone' or "something".
Maybe we can endorse you to our audience or you can endorse us to yours?


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We only supply our addresses for business-transactions and legal-actions we are aware of or expect. Please contact us if it is felt that such communication is required.