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--> a Music focused entertainment company providing High-Quality Sound-Recordings and Songs without auto-tune.

Need audio for your Film, Television, Video-Game or similar projects? Ask about Licensing now!

Below is a short-list of things you can do @ TakeoTama.com -- Whether a casual-listener or a bonafide-audiophile, Takeo Tama is honored and proud to serve your listening-pleasures! Just want to listen? Click the "Enter" button below!!



Don't get mentored! Get answers!! The worst thing in life is not knowing if something you're doing is the right fit for your ultimate goals and success. The best thing is finding out what your heart and mind truly desire and require. All businesses and entertainers welcomed...



When it comes to High-Quality Audio (i.e. Music, Songs), always choose the best creatives and talents available. Birth your ideas into reality. Your imagination is the key. Get help unlocking the mind and trust experience to yield your outcomes.



Working with people interested in what inspires you vs. persons only seeking to make their next rent-payment is always the wise choice! Whether considering a collaboration via Recording, marketing (i.e. advertising) or similar, simply ask and like the old Zen-tale says, 'We shall see.'