Takeo Tama

Takeo Tama is a Music focused entertainment company, specializing in a variety of Song styles which include the genres of Electro-Funk, Pop, Rock, Classical (Orchestrations featuring Synthesizers), and 8/16-bit Chiptune arrangements.

As a content-publisher, Takeo Tama is responsible for the creation, engineering, and mastering (a.k.a. preparation-for-marketing) of its audio catalogues and libraries.

As a record-label, Takeo Tama is responsible for the release (a.k.a. distribution) and Licensing of its artists (and brand-centric) sound-recordings.

Takeo Tama recordings are available as world-wide releases via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Google-Play.

Since all Takeo Tama releases are developed in-house, they are therefore pre-cleared for 'non-exclusive' and "exclusive" use in Film, Television, Video-Game, App-software, mobile-Design, and Business Advertising/Marketing Licenses.

Primary interests at Takeo Tama are vested in the further development, marketing, and sales of their audio creations and cataogues. Items outside of this scope are not necessarily desired or sought.


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