Kuneo Koei Experience

Below is a list of skills that Kuneo Koei holds, which may or may not be of some assistance to your needs (or curiosities).

Feel free to reach out, and, if for any reason there is confusion, Kuneo Koei will sort it out a.s.a.p.

If your requests are regarding Audo-production then please keep in mind that an initial consultation shall always be necessary to maximize all possible outcomes.

All other inquiries are to be handled as required.

^ Champions of stating the obvious, aye?

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Call/Text: +1 (830)507-3245


Their strongest skill-set -- While this website explains how Kuneo Koei is not as hyper-focused on Music-media ventures as it once was, their abilities within the fields of sound-recording and sonic-identity remain sharp and ready for challenges.

It would have been difficult to leave these strengths off the table.

Directors, Producers, and Supervisors, feel free to make your inquiries...


Marketing & Sales

It doesn't matter if you're talking about general goods and offerings or niche specific items; at the end of the day, it must be realized that the world is "not at all" 'the way it used to be'. The methods, means, and strategies from before, while they may still hold some power under certain circumstances, must be re-explored and re-discovered through completely different perspectives.

Kuneo Koei is fond of marching to their own drum. Is it time to tune yours?



As the world got excited over being able to place published-works into Amazon, Kuneo Koei recognized that it created no monetization front-end for the Writer/Publisher.

Kuneo Koei quickly built systems to bypass forced-distribution business-models, allowing both free and retail written-works to lead-capture and earn simultaneously.

^ While something as drastic may not be the solution for you, it illustrates how far Kuneo Koei is willing to "think" 'outside the box'.